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Africa Franchise Center (AFC), a continent-wide enterprise, is dedicated to accelerating prosperity in Africa through the globally-proven franchising model. AFC offers integrated franchise development services on a continent-wide scale, enabling investors, governments financial institutions, franchisors and franchisees to maximize the potential of franchising model across various sectors.

Our solutions link global franchises to African markets, enable emerging businesses to accelerate growth by converting to franchises, connecting entrepreneurs to franchise opportunities matching their interest and resources.

AFC resources are also available for financial service providers and development institutions looking to play in the franchise arena.We also support governments and policy makers seeking to roll back poverty and create jobs or to mainstream the informal sector through franchising.

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Our People


Emma Esinnah

Country Director, Curves International, Nigeria

Paul Arinze

President at Pedestal Africa Ltd

Peter Moyanga

Owner, Moyanga Family Foods CC (Franchise Owner of McDonald's in South Africa)

Jennifer Woods

Commercial Attache, US Commercial Service in Nigeria

Ejike Ekwegbalu

MD/CEO at Midworld Resources Limited

Brent E. Omdahl

Commercial Counselor U.S. Consulate General

Prof. Pat Utomi

Chairman/Founder, Centre for Value in Leadership

Antoine Zammarieh

Managing Director of Eat N'Go Limited

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